China’s Generation Green

Everyone knows about China’s environmental problems. Its cities are choked with smog, its food is contaminated and its water can even be carcinogenic.

China is a country struggling to meet the demands of the world’s largest population and a surging economy. And as a result, environmental interests often suffer.

What you don’t hear so often are the stories of Chinese people trying to change their environmental fate. There’s a blossoming movement among local activists and ordinary citizens to stop their environment from collapsing and save their country’s health. And increasingly, this movement is fed by the youth of the rising Chinese middle class who, for the first time ever, have the power and the money to make meaningful action.

This is China’s Generation Green.

With my partners Carlos Tello and Lin Xiaohong, I examined how China is dealing with the biggest trash problem in the world, through the eyes of two Chinese youth.

Check out my latest article here.

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