The Life Aquatic

In waters deep and shallow, salty and virtually fresh, there lurks a devastating predator.

Lionfish may not grow much larger than two-litre Coke bottle, but their appetites are fearsome. One of the few fish known to get fat, the lionfish swallows practically any prey small enough to fit into its mouth.

And that spells trouble for ecosystems where the lionfish is an invasive specie. Lionfish have spread across most of the mid-Atlantic and Caribbean region, threatening at-risk habitats like the coral reefs.

My article, for Megaphone Magazine, highlights the work of Canadians in stemming this invasion. Come aboard The Life Aquatic, a diving vessel where ordinary citizens pick up their spears and help control the lionfish invasion, one fish at a time!

Pick up a copy of Megaphone Magazine on the streets of Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, all through the month of November 2014! Proceeds go directly to helping homeless and low-income citizens.

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